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Through the Forest's mission is to walk your journey with you: To help identify your destination, plan the path, and build your fitness for the adventure. We share your progress, help clear obstacles and point out shortcuts. Like an experienced Sherpa we've completed many similar journeys before. We ground your footing on the steep slopes, align the teams needed to scale the cliffs, and help celebrate at the peaks.

Liz Wren
Services for Individuals


Your best investment will always be in your own performance. The benefits of powerful leadership performance and business focus transform both individuals and organisations.

Services for Individuals
Services for Leadership

Leadership team
Relationships and performance

Healthy relationships at the heart of a company are fundamental to business success. This work fosters shared values, emotional safety and allows leadership teams to embrace and adapt to change.

Services for Leadership
Services for Teams

Performance and culture

The complexities of today’s fast moving environments require teams to be resilient and collaborative. Systemic team coaching supports teams to work productively and happily.

Services for Teams

All programmes are tailored to your precise needs.

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Working with Through the Forest delivers:

  • RESULTS Productivity, focus, measurement, delivery

  • CLARITY Values, decisions, skills & confidence

  • ACCOUNTABILITY Motivation, emotional support

  • LEARNING Personal awareness, skills, beliefs, blind spots, behaviours

  • SPACE To think, to choose, to find harmony

Work with Through the Forest
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I’ve grown through coaching

I feel that Liz can help me with any problem I have. She is a fantastic listener and very good at succinctly pinpointing what I am trying to say, or not to say, in some cases! It’s great to look back and to see how far I have grown, both the business and personally. Liz has taught me great techniques to escape my old mindset - she is an invaluable part of my team.

Kay Daniels
Daniels Accountancy

Rising to the challenge

Working with Liz I have achieved everything in my business that I set out to do. She also helped me launch my own magazine - something I'd wanted to do for seven years, but had been unable to find the focus and courage. Liz helped me break down the fear of failure and inspired me to challenge myself. Without her it simply would never have happened.

Garrett Fallon
Fisherman Creative

Shifting mindsets

There are no rules, only self-imposed barriers. You gave us the confidence to believe in ourselves and win a pitch against 3 of the UK’s biggest advertising agencies!

Paula Benson
Form UK

Results, results

Liz’s mentoring and facilitation expertise has proved invaluable to both management and employees at Deltenna. Her skills have resulted in improvements in efficiency, a less stressful work environment and a greater personal vision for each individual who Liz has coached.

Dr Andrew Fox
Deltenna Ltd

Liz Wren

Liz Wren

Through the Forest supports businesses and their people to clarity, confidence, self-awareness and success.

I have created, grown and ultimately sold a number of businesses in my career to date. I’m very proud of what I’ve achieved. And with what I know now, I am certain I would have been far more productive, confident and successful, if I had looked beyond my own mindset and abilities and worked with a coach.

Through the Forest exists to help others on that journey. If we can support you or your team to achieve a dream, help you believe that you can, or simply enable you sleep better at night, get in touch.

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